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May 2009


National & N.E. United States ASH Organizations

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bealdordash in ne_ash

East Coast Thing

It's finally here!  After nearly a year of working at getting the necessary time off from my job, I'll be leaving tomorrow for ECT!.  I'm really looking forward to meeting and spending some time with other Heathens.  As my work schedule is so severly limiting to my ability to attend most events, this is a rare and treasured opportunity.  It would be especially great to connect with any other ASH folc who may be there.  This being my first time to attend, I'm unfamiliar with the layout of things, but I'll be in the "tent area", wherever that may be.  If you're going to be there, look me up!



You're camping, am I right? We'll see you Friday afternoon. have a sfae and uneventful trip here.
Thanks! Yeah, I'll be camping. Tent and various gear are already in the truck. I'm even bringing a flashlight, 'cause I heard somewhere I may need one. See you Friday!
Coolness. OK, I am blanking your real-life name, my friend. Apologies. I'm Eric - I'll be camping with my wife Jen and our kin Jesse and Becky Radcliff and our four kids (bet you wish you were in a cabin now, huh?).

Flashlight...pish. Does anyone who goes to this thing ever camp out the rest of the year? Flashlights wreck your night vision anyway. ;)
Rob. Rob Hewitt. I heard from Becky R. that they were coming. Glad to hear your family will be along, as well. Looking forward to meeting everyone. Yeah, it's funny... I always take a flashlight with me but can't remember the last time I actually used it. I had to open the thing up to replace batteries and make sure the old ones hadn't corroded in there. Well, I'll have it should I need it! My eyes aren't gettin' any younger! : )
Of course! This is what I get for doing all my communication on LJ.

Flashies -- heh. yeah. We carry wind-ups. They are good for the kids, for is something small gets lost, or for checking loos before one dares to enter.

See you soon. In daylight, hopefully.
I'm so jealous!
Awwww. I wish you were going, too. I was really disappointed when I learned you wouldn't be.
: (