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Northeast Anglo-Saxon Heathenry

Án gegaderung for folc fyrnsida

Northeastern United States
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Networking and discussion for Anglo-Saxon Heathens in the northeast region of the United States
This community is primarily for those practicing Anglo-Saxon Heathenry (hereafter "ASH") and living in the northeast region of the United States. It is intended to be a place for networking and announcements, and for the discussion of topics relevent to the practices and traditions of ASH. Ásatruar, Irminen, Urglaawer, Théodisc, Forn Sed usw. are welcome here as well, as are those practicing other "cousin" reconstructionist forms of paganism (such as CR) who may have an interest in ASH.

Racist, sexist, homophobic or other such agendas and commentary are not welcome here.

Posts relating internal disagreements and/or grievances of or against other organisations, disagreements and/or grievances between other organisations and their former members ARE NOT WELCOME and WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Such matters are "off topic" to this community, and frankly are of no concern or interest here. Anyone who cannot abide by this policy and insists on hijacking this community for the purpose of publicly airing their dirty laundry will be removed from the community without warning.

In attempting to limit trolling, all requests for membership require Mod approval. If you do not have a journal with public entries, are not a member of other communities we consider friends or are not otherwise known to us, you will need to contact us BEFORE requesting membership to let us know why you are interested in joining the ne_ash community. If this is not done, your membership request will likely be declined. Thank you for your patience and understanding concerning this policy.